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Almond shelling machine
Model: HX-500
Power: 2.2kw 380v/50Hz
Capacity: 400-500kg/h
Weight: 260kg
Machine size: 1.9*0.78*1.2m
Material: Carbon steel

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Description of almond shelling machine

This machine is suitable for cleaning, broken the hard shell, separating the shell and the seeds,such as the almond,the walnut macadamia or etc..Through the holster feeding 1,2,3 level grade broken,every grade is made up of discharging-sieve and
sieve,can strip 3 level grade different specifications of the apricot and walnut hard shell at the same time.

Advantages of almond shelling machine
1.Reasonable design and broken rate is low.
2.The most ideal of nucleus processing equipment.
3.Customized designed based on actual requirements.

Technical parameter
Model Power Capacity Weight Machine size Material
HX-500 2.2kw 380v/50Hz 400-500kg/h 260kg 1.9*0.78*1.2m Carbon steel
HXS-500 3kw 380v/50Hz 400-500kg/h 280kg 2.2*0.8*1.6m Carbon steel
Pictures of almond shelling machine

Model HX-500
Power 2.2kw 380v/50Hz
Capacity 400-500kg/h
Weight 260kg
Machine size 1.9*0.78*1.2m
Material Carbon steel

Model HXS-500
Power 3kw 380v/50Hz
Capacity 400-500kg/h
Weight 280kg
Machine size 2.2*0.8*1.6m
Material Carbon steel

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