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  • Air conditioner radiator separating machine
  •  radiator separating machine
Air conditioner radiator separating machine
HX850: Power
4kw and 3kw: capacity
300kg/h: weight

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Description of air conditioner radiator separating machine
Radiator film stripping machine special stripping water tank radiator, the first use of the radiator chip cut neatly (width of about 30-40cm), and then cut neatly radiator pieces neatly into the feed mouth, to achieve automatic discharge. Can be stripped single, double the radiator film, the machine is divided into three commonly used copper pipe spacing 19MM, 21MM, 25MM radiator copper and aluminum foil cutting separation feed inlet,feed electrical control system using inverted switch Control (can be customized electronic control cabinet), in order to stop when the feed is to stop or cut out the material to re-cut the separation, the machine uses two sets of blades up and down at the same time cutting, can simultaneously peel two rows of copper, Tube, the following set of blades can be wrapped in packages.The machine has the advantages of simple operation, small footprint, the internal power part of the machine has been connected, customers only need to access three power supply to boot work.The diameter of the shaft diameter of the feed tooth plate 33, the quenching and tempering treatment to increasethe toughness, tooth plate 45 steel quenching; blade shaft diameter 30 by quenching and tempering treatment to increase toughness, blade material 9Crsi alloy quenching; pressure plate stripping shaft diameter 58mm, By the quenching and tempering to improve toughness; motor domestic well-known brands.

Technical parameter
motor power: 4kw +3 kw;

machine weight:600-700kg;


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