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  • sesame hulling machine
Small model sesame peeling machine
Modle: HX-70
Size: 185x75x210
Power: 4.4
Capacity kg/h: 200-300
Voltage V: 380/50Hz

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Seasame peeling machine can be applied to sesame soaking,sesame skin removing,sesame skin and kenel’s separating that combines all the process together.
Mechanical structures mainly include body, composite stirrer, separator, locator, inlets and outlets, and deceleration gear box,etc

Working principle
The special stirrer, which is driven by decelerator, puts upward the peripheral sesame seed and the center sesame will continuously move downwards, in this way, the sesame will move up and down, later the sesame soak in water totally.
2.Skin removing
The stirrer driven by decelerator makes the soaked sesame rotating rapidly up and down. The hull will removed from the kernel by the friction between sesames and the rotating force from the stirrer.
3.Skin and Kernel’s Separating
The hull and kernel are pushed continuously by the stirrer driven by decelerator to move in radial and axile directions. The hull is discharged through the holes on the plate, while the kernel is sustained by the plate with holes, and thus they are separated from each other.

1.Easy transport, large output within a short period of time.
2.High hull removing rate ≥98%.
3.Vertical displacement, compact structure and large output.
4.Easy to operate and with less maintenance.

Technical parameter

Modle Size Power Capacity (kg/h) Voltage V
HX-70 185x75x210 4.4 200-300 380/50Hz

Modle Size Power Capacity (kg/h) Voltage V
HX-70 185x75x210 4.4 200-300 380/50Hz

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