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  • sesame peeler machine
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Big model sesame peeling machine
Model No.: HX-1000
Capacity (kg/hour): 1000 kg/hour
Motor power: 5.5KW
Diameter: 1.2 m 2.3 m
Height: 2.3 m

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Our big model sasame peeling machine has higher output than small model sesame peeling machine.
The machine works is driven by the gear shaft agitator rotating mixing, so that the soaked sesame in the material box can quick flip up and down, using the friction between sesame seeds, match with the agitator rotational force to make the sesame skin and kernel separation. After a certain time of operation, sesame peeling reach the target, open the gate flapper, with the stirrer rotation, the mixture of sesame kernel skin discharge from the machine.

The main components of the machine:
1.peeling material bins; ;
3.transmission mechanism;
In order to make sesame meet the health standards, the sesame peeling some part of machine made by stainless steel. To avoid leakage in the feed box and shaft contact, adopting appropriate measures for sealing, main drive gear adopt shaft directly connected with reducer to improve the transmission efficiency.

Technical parameter

Model No. Capacity (kg/hour) Motor power Size outside
HX-1000 1000 kg/hour 5.5 kw Diameter: 1.2 m Height: 2.3 m

Model No. Capacity (kg/hour) Motor power Size outside
HX-1000 1000 kg/hour 5.5 kw Diameter: 1.2 m Height: 2.3 m

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