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peanut coating machine
Model: BY-TY400
Power: 120w
Capacity: 4-6kg/time
Drum speed: 0-46r/min
Heating power: 550w
Weight: 35KG

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 Processing peanuts, green peas, beans beans surface liner wrapped clothes of special equipment, through this equipment processing peanut surface smooth, can achieve export processing standards, with the smooth movement, low noise, no pollution etc, can make skin peanut, peanut chocolate, many kinds of peanut, Japan bean, mouth sweet, crisp fruit, shrimp cake bean, spicy bean,etc more than ten kinds of products.

Model  BY-TY400
Capacity 4-6 kg/time
Drum speed 0-46r/min
Motor power 120w
 Fan power 60w
Heating Power  550w
Weight 35kg
Machine size  56*40*85cm

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