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School chalk making machine
Type: JXSP-800-1
Capacity: 6000-8000pcs/h
Packing size : 660×480×360mm
Weight : 56kg

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1:Make sure the beating machine is contact with electricity and water. And the water counter is adjust to the best water level by the bellow pot. 

2:There must be enough lubricating oil on the molds.
3:Producing process: Fill the beating machine full with water, make the mold up, lubricating the molds. (Note: Lubricating each mold after every producing process. The lubricating oil should be 90% diesel and 10% peanut oil. )First step on the water supplying footstep, put the water counter in the beating barrel, then add gypsum powder(rate of water and gypsum powder is 1:1). Turn on the beating machine, beat about 10 seconds,turn it off. Press the switch of beating barrel to let the thick liquid out, then put them in the molds. Use a scraper blade to make the surface smooth. Then the same working steps with the other molds. After about 5-6 minutes, chalks in the first mold are ok. When put the chalks out, pull the switch on the mold, and turn it over, then dry the chalks in the sun.


Type JX800-1 JX800-2 JX800-4 JX800-6 JX800-8
Capacity 6000-8000pcs/h 8000-12000pcs/h 12000-24000pcs/h 24000-32000pcs/h 32000-48000pcs/h
Paking size
Weight 56kg 260kg 350kg 500kg 700kg

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