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Straw rope making machine
Type: JXSP-450
Power: 180w
Voltage: 220v
Diameter of rope: 4-30mm
Dimension: 970*400*600mm
Weight : 48kg

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1. Place the machine on a level ground, connect the 220V power supply, check whether each transmission is normal, and lubricate each transmission part appropriately.

2. The wooden disc is pushed and rotated by the push disc wheel. In order to make the wooden disc more durable, the outer diameter of the wooden disc is nailed to the middle of the transmission belt or the bicycle tire. Wear and tear over time.
3. Before processing, select the appropriate rope opening and horn according to your own needs. Use waste cloth strips or tape to wrap the root of the horn for a few times, push the inner hole of the grass wheel hard, and drive it as a whole. Note: the front end of the horn should not exceed Divider, 5mm away from it is good. And adjust the wheel groove of the triangle tape according to the proficiency of the producer, and select the appropriate gear for the running speed of the machine. (The small groove of the pulley on the motor is slow, and the large groove is fast.) The belt is loose and the speed is slow.
4. Insert an appropriate amount of the prepared straw into the two feeding ports, between the warp rope mouth and the two pull rope reels. Note: At the beginning of manual pushing and turning, when the rope is spun out to 1 meter, wrap the rope through the spacer ring and wrap it in the elongated hole of the thin end of the plastic core, and then the power supply can be turned on for production. (Note: If the straw rope just made is not fixed, it will get tangled in the gear and break the gear)
5. After the power is turned on, then the original forage can be continuously input to complete the production. The feeding amount during production should not be too much.
6. There are two gears on one side of the straw rope machine, one is large and the other is small. The small one is the driving gear. Spinning 5-10mm straw rope requires 9 teeth of the driving wheel. Spinning 10-15mm straw rope requires 15 or 17 teeth. Spinning 15-25 straw rope requires 17 teeth or 19 teeth. (Note: The fewer the number of teeth on the driving gear, the tighter the straw rope produced)
7. When the rope reel is fully wound, turn off the power supply, cut the straw rope near the wooden reel, remove the wooden reel, and remove the straw rope bundle. After installing the rope reel, wrap the original rope end on the wooden reel. Reproducible.
8. If the machine runs abnormally, or the sound is abnormal, turn off the power immediately to check. Check whether the straw is wrapped around the machine parts, whether the inserted straw is the right amount, whether the gears are matched and whether the screws are loose.










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