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Round straw baler machine
Type: JXSP-8050
baler size : 500*700mm
Power: 25-50hp
Width: 800mm
Dimension: 1150*1300*1200mm
Weight : 390kg

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Straw picking and baling machine is a new type of straw collecting equipment developed by our factory, which can automatically complete the picking, baling and baling of pasture, rice, wheat and rubbed corn stalks. It is widely used in dry and green pastures. , Rice, wheat, corn stalks are collected and bundled. The machine adopts a positive traction structure, which solves the problem that a small tractor cannot carry a baler; (generally, a baler adopts a three-point suspension structure, and a small tractor cannot be lifted) It has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient operation and high reliability. The formed straw bale is small and compact, and the bale is loose inside and outside, and has good air permeability, which is convenient for transportation and storage. The popularization and use of this machine has played a huge role in solving straw recycling, improving the environmental pollution caused by burning straw in rural areas and improving the utilization of straw.


Tye JX-8050
Baler size 500*700mm
Power 25-50hp
Dimension 1150*1300*1200mm
Wight  390kg

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