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Automatic baler and wrapper machine
Type: JXSP-5552
Baler machine power: 5.5kw 3phase
Wrapper machine power: 1.1-3kw 3phase
Hay bale size: 550*520mm
Package dimension: 1800*1800*1700mm
Package weight: 550KG

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一.Increase the utilization value of forage, fresh forage has high moisture, good palatability and easy digestion, but it is not easy to reverse, and it is easy to rot and deteriorate. After the green storage, the green and green feed can be not only reduced, but also has a kind of aromatic acidity, which stimulates the appetite of the livestock and increases the feed intake. It has a good promoting effect on the growth and development of pigs, cattle and sheep.
二.Expand the source of feed. In addition to a large amount of corn and sweet potatoes, silage raw materials include pasture, vegetables, leaves and some agricultural and sideline products, such as sunflower head and Jerusalem artichoke stalks. After the green storage, odor and toxin can be removed. If the potato is freshly fed with toxins, the cassava should not be eaten in large quantities and can be safely eaten after storage.
三.Adjusting the forage supply period The seasonality of feed production in northern China is very obvious. It can not be eaten in the peak season. Forage and feed are prone to mildew, and the green season is lacking in the season. Green storage can achieve a balanced supply all the year round, which is conducive to increasing cattle and sheep. Production talent.
四.Silage is an economical way to reverse the green feed, which can make the total nutrients harvested per unit area reach a high value and reduce the waste of nutrients. In addition, it is easy to realize the mechanized operation of harvesting, transportation and storage, reduce labor intensity and increase work efficiency.
五.Some pests that treat pests and diseases of corn, sorghum, and grasses can kill eggs and pathogens through green storage and reduce the occurrence and spread of plant diseases and insect pests.




Baler machine power

5.5kw 3phase

Wrapper machine power

1.1-3kw 3phase

Hay bale size


Baler weight




Clear forage moisture content


Wiring method

Three-phase four-wire

Coating layers

3 layers

Package weight


Package dimension


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