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Biomass sawdust wood briquette press machine


 Feature of biomass sawdust wood briquette press machine

1.Motor power production: energy saving up to 30% more powerful, more durability, more energy saving and environmental protection.

2.The automatic thermostat surgery: This machine adopts automatic thermostat outdoor temperature molding can be processed in 20-degree below zero and forty a few degrees above zero, and to ensure that the compression part of the automatic constant at a set temperature, effectively ensure the mold and bearing not in the high temperature environment in the work, greatly improving the mold and bearing life.

3.Molding suppress density adjustable: the machine pressed density can be arbitrarily adjusted between 0.8-1.4g / cm 3, can be compressed straw coal, can also suppress the livestock feed briquetting.

4.Ultracold cooling system: multi-channel,multi-angle three-dimensional cooling mode, the working temperature of the motor and drive system ensure maximum within the normal range, provides effective protection continued to work for a long time.

5.Raw material:Straw, sawdust, rice husk, seed shell, palm fiber, corn straw, alfalfa, and other biomass waste material.