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Dry walnut cracker/ walnut sheller separating machine/walnut cracking machine for sale


This dry walnut craker machine can be used to crack walnut shell with high capacity and high peeling rate.It can be used to combine with another kernel and shell seperator.
Feautures of walnut sheller machine
1. Walnut Shelling Equipment is mainly used for peeling the hard shell of walnuts to
get the meat/kernel.
2. According to the size of walnuts, adjust the internal space to process different size walnuts.
3. Through adjusting the motor to change the rotation speed and internal wind.
4. Feed materials from the upper part of Walnut Cracking Machine, after cracking the shells,
then Walnut Nuts & Shells Separator machine separate meat from shells, which can save time
and energy , improve working efficiency.
5. The walnuts kernel & shell separating machine can also process cashew nuts, almonds and
other types of hard-shelled nuts.
6. Long life service, easy to maintain and little noise.